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Let the journey begin... Get ready to jump into the wild, live endless adventures and create the most amazing memories, under the sun or under the rain. MadVida is here to inspire you to reconnect with Earth, through our unique geometric nature apparel collection and essential accessories.

Vacation time - Duffel Bag Travel Belt - Fanny Pack Unisex Geometric Nature - Pillow Vacation Mode - AOP Tote Bag Carpe Diem - Towel

Essential Accessories

Got all your bases covered with our collection of MUST HAVE nature and outdoors inspired accessories. In our selection, you'll find travel bags, pillows, masks, dog harness, mugs, coolers and other essential gear and decors...

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Eco - Friendly

Sustainability in style

We know the importance of an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. That is why we provide eco - friendly products with high quality  and durable fabrics

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I really like the experience MadVida provides to customers creating consciousness in style

Steve Roberts

Love your Tank Top collection. Its perfect for pretty much any occasion.

Aubrey Nilo

All of my friends really liked my leggings. They are super comfortable and stylish.

Micaella Montgomery

I love how MadVida makes you feel connected to nature with the designs.

Rob Torres

I got my husband for our family camping trip, one of the MadVida hoodies, and he loved everything about it. It was the perfect gift!!!

Andrea Benvides

I purchased the Moon Wolf recycled t-shirt, the fit was perfect, I absolutely loved it.

Mady Green

I'm obsessed with your amazing designs. Perfect fit, love the quality.

Rick Matthews

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys are doing a really good job. I'm extremely satisfied with your organic collection!!!!

Jenny Walker

You guys are very unique and have a wonderful collection.

Keep up the great work!!!

Katie Wright